How to download Instagram Reels, Videos, IGTV Videos, Stories?

Many Instagram users have queries about how to download Instagram videos and reels. This article covers how to download Instagram stuff without any cost using Simple and easy to download. Just paste the link and a single click to download.

Reels saver is a free tool that downloads Instagram content or stuff like (Videos, photos, reels, and stories) without any login or signup. It supports all platforms like PC, MAC, iPhone, Android & also on all browsers at its best quality. 

How to Download Instagram Reels, videos, and Photos follows only three easy steps.

Step 1: First, choose your favorite Instagram stuff. You copy a link to your desired content by pressing the share icon below of photos, videos, and reels. Selecting the copy link.

How to download instagram reels,videos,igtv, & stories

Step 2:  Go to the website through any recognized browser.

Step 3:  Your desired content Photos or Videos are showing on the screen. The download button is at the bottom of photos or videos.  Click the download button & magic happens. Your photos or videos are to be downloaded on your device safely. 

image downloader

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